Pausing to Listen With Our Hearts

In the wake of the recent shootings in Arizona, I have reflected even more on how what we do and say can affect the greater good. An expression that comes to mind, “Can’t we all just get along”, is appropriate for what is taking place now in our country and indeed around the world. There is tremendous energy being used to put others down, to fight against rather than working with others. How many times have we kept to our point rather than listening to someone else. Racing ahead have we stopped to consider what another may be feeling, rather than what we want to accomplish. Racing ahead have we stopped to consider how the gifts of another could be used for the greater good even in different ways than we initially anticipated. “Can’t we all just get along?” Perhaps we can if we listen with our hearts.

Blessings and Peace.

About SisterNancy

I am a Catholic Sister, a member of the School Sisters of St. Francis from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I enjoy swimming and nature: hiking in the mountains and along rolling hills, sitting by water and walking through the various seasons of life. I am a spiritual director, spirituality consultant, chaplain and retreat director. You can contact me at
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