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Fourth Sunday of Easter: Embracing Caring

I enjoy a good book: a well written novel or a book related to spirituality, theology or psychology.  All of these books usually feature a section at the beginning called  Acknowledgements where the author thanks all the people who  nurtured the book into creation.  Often the section begins … Continue reading

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Third Sunday of Easter: Embracing Beauty

Many years ago I visited a friend in South Dakota.  We both like to hike.  One day we climbed Harney Peake elevation 7,242 feet, the highest point in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  The view was breath-taking.  Four states are … Continue reading

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Second Sunday of Easter: Embracing Divine Presence

I recently faced an important decision in my life.   Even though  I knew where my heart was leading me, there was a part of me that doubted.   I asked God to give me a sign–something that would confirm my thought process.   … Continue reading

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Good Friday and Easter Sunday: Embracing Dying and New Life

As we commemorate Good Friday and Easter Sunday questions arise.  What really happened? Why did Jesus die?  Did Jesus realize he would die early in life?  Did Jesus “know” he would rise on the third day making death less of a sting? What … Continue reading

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