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Embracing New Possibilities

It was so utterly disappointing.  Months and months of preparation and journeying together.  The big celebration to take place Holy Saturday night:  a baptism, reception into the church, confirmation–celebrating a journey begun in September.  This was April, 2007.   The time was near.   My favorite … Continue reading

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Embracing Trust

I am a graduate of Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I recently received the Summer issue of the magazine, Xavier.  The lead story entitled “Learning to Trust” features the journey of men studying to be Jesuit priests.  As part of their … Continue reading

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Embracing Our Original Source

Many years ago when I was becoming familiar with computers, I often panicked when the computer froze up and the cursor would not move.  In the work setting I called an Information Technology person to help.  He or she came to my office to check out the … Continue reading

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Embracing Community

Growing up in a small town in Ohio was an enriching experience.  Freedom to roam the neighborhood riding bikes, playing softball and basketball in the backyard, swimming at the local pool, playing board games with neighbors in the summer–school right around … Continue reading

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Embracing Dependency on God

I have reflected recently on the rhythm of life.  We come into the world as babies needing others to care for our every need.  For the most part we are content to have others take care of us.  Around two years of … Continue reading

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