Embracing Our Original Source

Photo: Sister Nancy A. Sell, OSF

Many years ago when I was becoming familiar with computers, I often panicked when the computer froze up and the cursor would not move.  In the work setting I called an Information Technology person to help.  He or she came to my office to check out the situation.  Often the computer needed rebooting.  The person turned the computer off and on and it was fine.  However, if I had not saved the document I was working on before it froze, I lost the project.  I soon realized that I could turn the computer off and on to remedy the situation.  Reboot:  to restart a computer or other electronic device and reload the operating system.

Are there times in our own lives for interior spiritual rebooting?   That is we need to turn off what is taking place in our lives and go back to our Original Source to discover a new path.  We may suddenly realize that we are frozen on a path of fear, jealously, envy, control, mistrust.  Going back to our Original Source leaves us open to new life and to the fruits of the spirit:   peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.   We suddenly realize that what we tried to do alone cannot be accomplished.   Going back to our Original Source changes our hearts and gentles our spirit and gives us courage to face whatever is ahead.

The Gospel of Mark (4:26-34) from the Christian scriptures refers to this kind of “going back” to the Original Source.  The smallest mustard seed when sown in the ground springs up and becomes the largest of plants putting forth large branches so birds can dwell in its shade.  This is the fullest of possibilities for us as we open ourselves to our Original Source.

Interior spiritual rebooting may mean talking with someone who can give us perspective on what is taking place in our lives or it may mean going for a walk or looking outside and relishing the beauty of nature, or it may mean going for a swim or whatever it is that helps us open our hands to receive the goodness of our Original Source.

Our invitation is to embrace our Original Source.

Blessings and peace.

About SisterNancy

I am a Catholic Sister, a member of the School Sisters of St. Francis from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I enjoy swimming and nature: hiking in the mountains and along rolling hills, sitting by water and walking through the various seasons of life. I am a spiritual director, spirituality consultant, chaplain and retreat director. You can contact me at sisternancyosf@gmail.com
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2 Responses to Embracing Our Original Source

  1. Sarah says:

    I fell behind in your blog entries, and am finally catching up. This one resonated with me today, and I’m grateful for your insights.

  2. Jan Ruidl says:

    I have just recently started reading your posts and just love them. Often when I am writing to my parishioners, I struggle to connect certain readings to real life in a way that will touch their lives. You have a gift for it. (If you got these out a week ahead of time, I would share some of your thoughts – giving you full credit of course. I think they are that good.)

    Hope all is well. Have a great summer,

    Jan Ruidl

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