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Embracing Resolute Determination

The sound of thunder and flashes of lightning continued into the early hours of morning.    A stalled system, I thought, as the storm took over sleep.  A rare occurrence?  Three days later the same rhythm.  Lightening, thunder and heavy rain into the early … Continue reading

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Embracing the Signs

I recently noticed some signs and thought about different interpretations for the same signs.  For example two signs one on top of the other read:  “Caution Children”  meaning there are children in the area,  drive cautiously.  The one below it … Continue reading

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Embracing The Gentle Side

The morning dawned bright and beautiful as I walked along the familiar path.  I relished the warmer weather, the sound of  birds and the beautiful flowers, bushes and trees.   The long-awaited change!   Suddenly I noticed a jogger coming toward me on … Continue reading

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Embracing the Miracle of Life

The computer is one of the greatest inventions.  The word processing allows for writing, creating and reshaping anew without starting all over again.   The internet creates the possibility for greater communication and  understanding.    The world expands through the internet and … Continue reading

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