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Embracing the Mountain

A little over a year ago I shared an experience I had with my Dad who at that time was dying.  Dad died on July 28, 2012.  We celebrated his Mass of Christian Burial on August 3, 2012.   This … Continue reading

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Embracing Both And…

Thomas Merton, the well-known Trappist monk speaking of contemplation and  action, says:  “Contemplation cannot construct a new world by itself. Contemplation does not feed the hungry; it does not clothe the naked… and it does not return the sinner to peace, … Continue reading

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Embracing An Entire Impression

Many years ago, when I was a high school student at a Catholic High School in a small town in Ohio,  I served on the staff of our school newspaper as a feature writer.   I based one story on a situation … Continue reading

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Embracing the Spirit Within

She seemed almost upset. Her face serious, pensive.  Understandably so.  In 30 minutes she would sing in an unfamiliar space.  She wanted her sharing of song to go well.  At practice a couple of days before she experienced feedback from … Continue reading

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