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Embracing Signs

The sound of the fog horn. The train’s whistle.  The warning:  this may be hazardous to your health.  Fatigue that won’t go away.  Persistent pain, physically, emotionally or spiritually.  What do these “signs” have in common?  They are warnings of … Continue reading

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Embracing Stillness

I did not notice at first.  I was thinking about the envelope in my hand ready to mail.  I needed to have it weighed.  I was in line at the post office –about 10 minutes to spare before they closed.  … Continue reading

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Embracing the Source

In some parts of the world, people talk about “stuff”.    Books abound on the topic of simplicity, down-sizing, and less is more.   Yet, most agree it is difficult to get rid of accumulations. Why?  Various reasons, different for each … Continue reading

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