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Embracing Delight

In a recent “Family Circus” comic by Bill Keane, a scene unfolds on what looks like a leisurely Sunday afternoon in the family living room.  The children are sitting/laying on the floor playing a board game and their father bends down from … Continue reading

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Embracing Imperfection

In the book, Prayer Our Deepest Longing, Fr. Ronald Rolheiser talks about various ways to look at what it means to be holy or perfect.  He says, “There are two classical concepts of perfection, one Greek and the other Hebrew.  … Continue reading

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Embracing the Magic Words

I recently read a letter in an advice column in the newspaper which raised the question, “Are please and thank you’s outdated?”  The  writer wondered in dismay whether people today use what we called in our family the “magic words”–“please … Continue reading

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Embracing the Gentle Breeze

The summer breeze gently blew through the rolling hills.  The “sounds” of silence.  Softly, beautifully, yet hauntingly.  Simply the course of earth’s currents?  Perhaps.  Yet more?  Perhaps.   Nevertheless, a “sound” I always remember from many years ago as I … Continue reading

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