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Embracing Delight

In a recent “Family Circus” comic by Bill Keane, a scene unfolds on what looks like a leisurely Sunday afternoon in the family living room.  The children are sitting/laying on the floor playing a board game and their father bends down from … Continue reading

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Embracing Stillness

I did not notice at first.  I was thinking about the envelope in my hand ready to mail.  I needed to have it weighed.  I was in line at the post office –about 10 minutes to spare before they closed.  … Continue reading

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Embracing Last Place

They thought we didn’t know.  We did.  Ok, all of you who are blue birds can sit over here. Red birds, go to the back of the room.  They thought we didn’t know.  We did.  Second grade, one group could … Continue reading

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Embracing the Fire

There is something soothing about sitting around a campfire or a pit fire on a cool summer evening or in the midst of fresh fall days.  Fire in this context is so radically different from the suffering fire causes from natural disaster or … Continue reading

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Embracing the Mountain

A little over a year ago I shared an experience I had with my Dad who at that time was dying.  Dad died on July 28, 2012.  We celebrated his Mass of Christian Burial on August 3, 2012.   This … Continue reading

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Embracing The Gentle Side

The morning dawned bright and beautiful as I walked along the familiar path.  I relished the warmer weather, the sound of  birds and the beautiful flowers, bushes and trees.   The long-awaited change!   Suddenly I noticed a jogger coming toward me on … Continue reading

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Embracing the Fog

The fog horn sounded in the still morning hours amid the placid lake.    I did not see the boats or the troubled shore of which the  fog horn warned.   The fog horn sounded persistently, hauntingly, beckoning, guiding  and calling:   be attentive, be aware, be careful, notice!   The waters are different … Continue reading

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